1962 With paid-in capital of 1 million yen, established RENOWN LOOK INC. and began manufacturing and sales of dresses and coats.
1964 Established Head Factory (in Higashimurayama-shi, Tokyo) and began self-production.
1972 Moved Head Office to Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
1977 Established Osaka Branch in Nishi-ku, Osaka.
1981 Listed on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1986 Established a joint-venture company RENOWN LOOK (H.K.) LTD. in Hong Kong (corporate name changed to LOOK (H.K.) LTD. in 2002). Stocks promoted to listing on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1988 Established a joint-venture company SSANGBANGWOOL LOOK LTD. in South Korea (corporate name changed to I.D. LOOK LTD. in 1998).
1989 Established Shinonome Logistics Center in Koto-ku, Tokyo.
1994 Paid-in capital reached 5,769.16 million yen.
2002 Changed corporate name to LOOK INCORPORATED.
2008 Moved Logistics Center to Narashino-shi, Chiba (Narashino Logistics Center). Established L. LOGISTICS INC. in Narashino-shi, Chiba.
2009 Acquired LOOK CHINA CO., LTD. as a subsidiary in Shanghai, China.
2010 A.P.C. JAPAN LTD. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) became a wholly-owned subsidiary.
2011 Established LOOK MODE INC. in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
2012 50th anniversary of foundation.
Paid-in capital reached 6,340.93 million yen.
2013 Moved A.P.C. JAPAN LTD. to Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
Established FFI INC. in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
2014 Acquired LAISSE PASSE CO., LTD. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) as a subsidiary.
Established I.D. JOY LTD. in Seoul, South Korea.
2018 LOOK INCORPORATED transitioned to a holding company as part of a company split and renamed LOOK HOLDINGS INCORPORATED. LOOK INCORPORATED took over the apparel related operation divisions.
Paid-in Capital reached 6,361.34 million yen.
2019 LAISSE PASSE CO., LTD. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) became a wholly-owned subsidiary.
Paid-in Capital reached 6,374.87 million yen.
Acquired 100% share of BISONTE ITALIA HOLDING S.R.L. (Milan, Italy) to make IL BISONTE S.P.A. a wholly-owned subsidiary.
Moved Head Office to Minato-ku, Tokyo.
2020 Moved Logistics Center to Funabashi-shi, Chiba (Funabashi Logistics Center).